I finally got around to watching the movie Madea's Family Reunion, which I was in. I am on-screen as a member of the wedding band, but more exciting for me is that I wrote and played the fanfare announcing the entrance of the bride. I was a little dissapointed in the take that they ended up using because the other trumpet player and I did not start quite together. For reasons that were not clear to me, they had us standing on opposite sides of the room from each other to do the recording as they videotaped people on-screen pretending to play the fanfare, and they chose the take that we flubbed the beginning (it lined up the best with the actors and they were behind schedule). I won't complain too much though. It's pretty cool hearing yourself play in a major movie, and even better that I wrote it. You can hear it here (I only wrote the fanfare, not the cheesy stuff that comes after). If you see the movie I am the guy sitting to the left of Maya Angelou.


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