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As I mentioned in an earlier post I've started giving Skype (webcam) trumpet lessons.  After initial hesitation I actually really like how it works and find that it's very effective.  I know that most of you probably have your doubts about a webcam lesson, which is why I will give you a free 30 minute lesson with no obligation to continue.  I don't even care if you don't plan on continuing, just take a free lesson and see what you think.  You read more about me, listen to sound clips, read my articles and contact me at my main site jasonpellett.com.



Anonymous Jon said...

Great idea about giving a free 30 minute trial lesson! How has the response been?

5:20 AM, September 18, 2010  
Blogger Jason Pellett said...

Not as much response as I would have guessed, but I'll keep the deal up.

12:49 AM, September 20, 2010  
Anonymous Tressa Sanders said...

Hi, I just discovered your site here and would like to try this out. How much would your lessons be should I like the Skype lesson? I would like to learn to play trumpet from someone with an extensive jazz background. I'll contact you at your main site.

1:24 PM, November 23, 2010  
Anonymous Improve your Upper Register said...

http://www.trumpetsizzle.com is where i offer a free lesson by phone or skype.

Phone actually works just as good and many seasoned players dont fool around with skype.

8:54 AM, February 28, 2011  
Blogger Musik Mosiah said...

Using skype as a tool to teach music lessons sound interesting. I guest I should give it a try.

9:42 PM, June 04, 2011  
Blogger You Know Who said...

I would like some info on your playing. I am collecting info on trumpet teachers like myself and plan to make a resource tab on my homepage:

Please let me know,

11:52 PM, March 23, 2012  
Blogger You Know Who said...

How to Increase your Trumpet High Range with Online Trumpet Lessons

12:13 AM, March 24, 2012  
Anonymous Suman said...

Nice post. skype is a tool to teach music lessons .it sounds interesting.I am searching this type article.Because I love Trumpet.Some days ago, I have read aboutTrumpet Lessons but this post is a better than that post.

5:41 AM, January 13, 2018  

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